Wednesday, September 21, 2005


so the mac mini arrived today.

two hours into playing with it, and it's been so long since anything's been this easy. jeepers. i'm already wondering if i should move it downstairs and make it my main computer, or if (already!) i should get a second one to use in the family room, since i wouldn't need a DVD player/burner on it.

aha, i see what was happening the other night - blogger is taking a little long to load all the editing things, and in linux/firefox it caused the entry to get dumped each time something else loaded.

i have avoided macs for a long time, since living with someone who would put the suitcase from the desktop to the trash bin because he 'needed the space', but apparently not the operating system.

what i was going to mention last post was how i go through a funk from time to time, and don't feel like engaging too much with boards that i've been on for years, and i wipe out most of my IM contacts except for family. i figure if the deletions were mistakes, they'd get remedied when someone contacted me. so i did this a few weeks ago, and i'm down to... family still. hrmph.

today not only did the computer get here, but so did the new issue of yoga journal, complete with article about loneliness. which in YJ's view is something to just experience and get through. i need to read it again, i'm distracted by having actual working technology right now. but it likened loneliness to a small death, and called it a primal human fear.

what i realized is that this is almost exactly a year since i quit one of the boards temporarily, and i hadn't joined the others at that point. there is something about the slowing down and returning to less verdant days that must bring this funk out in me.

Monday, September 19, 2005

ex communicado

i've tried this post several times, and it keeps wiping out while i type. i blame linux (why not, no proof but so many glitches that this might as well be one of them), and will resume when my mac shows up.