Friday, July 29, 2005

dear jerk in the bookstore....

you wouldn't have bothered to ask me why i was looking at linux books if i wasn't a chick, right?

and therefore you wouldn't have had to pull the "you shouldn't pay for linux information, just go to blah blah blah website and if you need it in print, then print it yourself..." crap, right? and completely discount the validity of some people just liking the format of books? (never mind if that person is, gasp, a librarian - something i just didn't feel like fucking telling you.)

and since i'm a chick, you're not going to listen to me telling you that know-it-all pompous shmucks like yourself are a big reason why newbies really dislike linux to begin with? or that, hmmm, maybe some of us want to learn the stuff on our own terms, and we're not in bookstores to chat with guys.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

home for now, wherever that is

so i've driven myself and my poor husband crazy for the past week. with the idea in my head of moving back north, i looked for library jobs and found that there is a head of reference position available in my hometown library. with a deadline of next friday. enter wild fantasies of living the "professorial marriage" until he's able to move up north too. i have relatives who have done it with small children, but it's by no means easy, and probably not reasonable for us.

yesterday was my first day back at work. thanks to my smart and smart-ass coworkers, i left in a much better mood. also attended a political fundraiser bbq last night, which boosted the soul a bit further.

more politics today. and gardening. and making food and jewelry.

book ordered and waiting for: design of dissent, by milton glaser.
reading currently: what god had joined together?: a christian case for gay marriage.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

flux is not bad

having one of those moments right now.

i'm up in my hometown in rhode island, to help my mom out while my dad's out of town. had lunch with an old friend. who, as it turns out, works for the competing company to boodad's company. and tells me that they're looking for people who do what boodad does, would he want to consider moving?

i call boodad in the evening, he's open to it, and has actually been looking at some other jobs in massachusetts.

so i start looking at housing and at librarian jobs and it all looks so feasible.... there's even a head of reference position open here that looks good. i thought we were going to have some decisions to make on whether or not i just did jewelry fulltime, as it's taking off, but now even bigger decisions to make.

i feel like i'm forgetting to panic. this is a lot of stuff. but it feels possible and not outrageous.