Sunday, November 27, 2005

here, rootkitty kitty kitty.... MEOW HISS SCRATCH

so it turns out that the elkland cd i've been listening to since june has the sony rootkit. i've been playing it on linux and mac, so supposedly no harm done, but OMG LOL 3733T 4AXORZ have taken over my car stereo!

seriously, sony, you don't expect to keep me as a customer, do you? i did everything right. i bought the cd at a show because i was that impressed with the band. i told my friends about elkland. i didn't burn copies and pass 'em out like candy. i didn't throw up the album on a P2P. thanks for not giving a shit about that. thanks for trying to punish me in advance. (it's the new american way, i guess.)

i read some comments by similarly-rootkitted trey anaphishface's manager that they were so very upset and surprised, and since his solo album came out right when the rootkit story became public, sales were small due to (rationally) wary consumers. okay. i just want to know.... somewhere in the small print, did these artists get a little more money for allowing this software on the disc? was any of it explained to them? were they offered a few more cents per cd sold in exchange for poorly defined "copyright protection"? i have a hard time swallowing that absolutely none of this happened without any artist's knowledge or consent.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005


i am becoming obsessed with ham.

a few weeks ago at an art show, a neighboring artist had a ham and brie sandwich for lunch. it just sounded so good. since then, when i'm in a situation where a ham sandwich is an option, i'm so very tempted.

yesterday in swedish allen wrench wonderland, i grabbed lunch and there they were. ham and fontina sandwiches.

i didn't do it. i couldn't do it. even while alone, even without my suddenly "vegan" (amazingly, this does not prevent him from eating eggs, chicken or fish, but that's another story) husband.

what ran through my mind was the: what if i run into someone i know question, and the i'll bet this will make me sick to my stomach qualms. even though the only kosher-keepers i know are rabbis, and the rare slice of bacon i've sneaked in has not disturbed me one bit.

it's the line in the sand, or at least the line in the deli counter. i just can't bring myself to cross it.

i had the salmon. what a nice girl.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

i do not wish to smell like...

paris hilton
jessica simpson
j lo
britney spears
sarah jessica parker
mary-kate and/or ashley olsen
elizabeth taylor
celine dion
shania twain
antonio banderas
carlos santana
mrs. russell simmons
naomi campbell

and please, guys, don't smell like:
donald trump
michael jordan
a hummer

the fun of librarianship

little things at work thrill me.

recently i've introduced one of our regular patrons, a hat-wearing gentleman who is a retired english teacher in his 80s or possibly 90s, to the wikipedia and to the recent book on google, _the search_. there's something really fun about slipping these tidbits of modernity into his searches on jonathan swift or eastern rite church cannon. and good on him for having the intellectual curiousity and openness to try them out.

preschoolers can shred!

in preparation to an upcoming trip to portland, and because he's growing, boo and i trekked to a local department store to get him a new winter coat. we found a nice one on sale - an orange and grey number that has a zip-out lining. when bringing it up to the register, i see that the tag shows snowboarders. because preschoolers obviously spend a lot of time snowboarding.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

i got fired last night.

"i don't like you. i want a new mommy."
"oh, did you have anyone in mind for your new mommy?"
"yeah, christiana's mommy."
"hmmm. what if i miss you?"
"you can visit."

four year olds really know what they want.

same evening, in grocery store:
"mommy, get this wine. it has a train on it. i like this wine."
"oh really?"
"yeah, it tastes good."

i wound up getting a gerwurztrameiner, and found that it didn't taste right either when i got it home. that's when i realized, hmm, things taste wrong plus the sore throat and the raspy voice.... saw the doctor this morning, hello laryngitis.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

w(h)ine part deux, duder

that wine in the sleek bottle was awful.too astringent.

i thought about the cute wines and think it's due to how monotonous most wines taste these days. it's about the only way to differentiate your brand. oh, and i forgot rhinos. how could i forget rhinos.

i've had a subscription of sorts to the bonnydoon vineyards wine club. problem is, with shipping the wine winds up being about $25-28 per bottle, and i only like about half of what they send. i'm dropping it, and will just go to my local gourmet shop and try things that strike my fancy.

not that i even drink very often, and here are two posts on wine already. maybe i'll take it up to lower my cholesterol.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

wine zoo

spotted on bottles of wine in the store this evening:

monkeys - at least three brands, llamas - two brands, moose, several brands with cats and/or dogs, giraffes, whales, penguins.

non-animals: taxicabs, mafia dons, bicycles, old chevys with surfboards.

it is apparently uncouth to drink wine that is not cute.

i also realized that i've been legally able to drink for 13 years now. at least the checkout person said i didn't look 34.

my reaction to this birthday has pretty much been "i'm too old for this (expletive deleted)." i'm marching towards 40, heck nearly halfway to 70. it's probably due to being in a work environment where many of my coworkers are slinking past 50 and 60, but i'm tired of feeling like the kid.

in any event, the bottle that i picked up is this:

which looked nice and sleek, although will not be able to be contained in a standard wine rack.

and it reminds me of a perfume bottle that i still have:

speaking of which, my sense of smell returned on thursday, much to my relief.