Friday, May 06, 2005

broadband over powerline v. lying over cable

i'm very lucky to live in a place that offers BPL - broadband over powerline. it works through a contractor with the utility service, and the modem can be connected to any electric plug in the house. it's a little slower than cable internet, but it is considerably cheaper. and, considering our cable internet has been out for 3 days and comcast has had two appointments missed - and then claims that i cancelled - well, my decision's been made for me, hasn't it?

we would try dsl, but thanks to the neighborhood-beautification idea of submerged phone lines, the phone service seems to go through an outage once or twice a year. i can handle no phone, but not no phone and no internet.

oh, and in other telecommunications news, i am lusting over the nokia 8801 which will have an expensive debut this fall. because of the camera? eh. bluetooth? whoopee. mp3 player? yadda yadda. ryuichi sakamoto ringtones? hell yes, sign me up. click for the video.

"what happened to, 'i'm fine with a cell phone that takes calls, voicemail, and sms?'?" - dad
"but da-a-ad...." - my inner 15-yr-old

Tuesday, May 03, 2005


i just realized that in the last post and the previous one, i've mentioned problems with people not paying me.

money makes me feel petty. more specifically, having to ask for what i'm owed makes me feel petty. i know it's stupid, especially since i'm not asking for anything that isn't actually owed. i hate being in the position of having to ask the other party - repeatedly, even - to fulfill their side of an agreement. i don't understand how the other person remains comfortable while they know they haven't done the right thing. is the balance in your bank account more important than the balance in your life? why choose to run at a continual integrity deficit? (wow, congrats to me, i have written the whiniest emo-economics statement in blogland.)

also: a pet peeve. the spacebag commercial. this is the product with which you put in a bed comforter, attach your vaccuum cleaner, and compress the comforter until it looks like a tortilla. "the perfect solution for overstuffed closets," claims the ad. um, what about just getting rid of your crap?

says the woman with too many shoes and counting, and a pile of clothes to go to the thrift that i just never get out the door.

where's my cape?

i'm in a remarkably good mood today, especially considering that the erasure concert i was supposed to be at last night has been postponed until june. might have been due to wearing a very, very orange linen dress today. i'm a rajneeshi fashionista!

after some reflection i realized that what i'm missing from ner shalom is the social justice work i was able to do. but, i'm still on the board of equality prince william, there will be plenty of work to be done there. virginia legislators seem bent on turning this state into a backwater bible camp. had a great email exchange with one of the other board members - we're still in the structuring process, and i had some questions about the directions we're taking, and frankly, some questions about the appropriateness of me remaining on the board as sole straightie. somehow the term "epw superjew" was used. i want a cape, dammit.

there is a higher position (L3, right now i'm a part-time L2) opening up in one of the other library branches. i don't want it, yet, but i have decided to interview for it just to get the interview experience. besides, i kinda expect my officemate to get it, and if she does, i would be interested in that. discussed all this with my boss, and she's more than supportive but thinks i would have a hard time saying no if i was offered the L3 job. i really don't feel ready for it yet. maybe my officemate's job, which is essentially head of info staff at our branch, and that's mostly because i'm comfortable at my branch. there's a corner of me that wonders if i'll ever feel ready.

i bailed out of the gallery i had my jewelry in. owner decided to monkey with payments. this was far from becoming a profitable venture for me, but i was willing to give it a little more time until this "oh i don't have your address.... oh but i mailed it early last week.... oh i'll have to do a stop payment and issue another check" rubbish began. brenda, darling, are you aware that artists talk to each other, and we know you've pulled this on a few of us now?

from a conversation with another artist about brenda: "her email address mentions zen gardens, and her cellphone ringtone is chirping birds. you know from that alone that the woman needs to calm the fuck down but has no idea how to do it."

so i have my jewelry back, which means i don't have to panic about upcoming shows. between this and having the temple off my back, i'm starting to feel a little freer.