Saturday, April 23, 2005


oy vey, i start again.

i'm ten days into a sinus infection that is just starting to feel like it's loosening its grip. it's acting differently than my usual annual sinus infection, so it kinda caught me by surprise. i thought i just had a cold until i realized i just wasn't shaking it.

if you found this, you're either lucky or know me. (oscar wilde-ism screams to be in there: if you know me, of course, you're lucky anyway.) i've done blogs before, one that i shared with some other library staff that just didn't work out, and one i just ignored to death on msn. i participate in a couple of boards and sometimes i just want somewhere else to post. things i don't want scrutinized by the boards, things i want some reflection time on but don't want to converse about. that kind of thing. brain sniffles.

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