Saturday, February 10, 2007

kinda busy

yep. i'm in those days when taking a shower and doing two loads of laundry counts as being highly productive.

despite this, we are moving to the new house next week. mainly because it's driving us crazy that we're paying for two houses and we're not living in the nicer one.

dumb question for my reader(s): we're contemplating a new tv. we have a 13" that we do most of our viewing on, since it's in the master bedroom. the 32" is downstairs, and doesn't get decent reception as a result (we're on rabbit ears, no cable). the 32" no longer has its remote, and the universal remote we got for it needs reprogramming for time to time - a gigantic pain in the pitoot - and it is so heavy that it's making the cabinet we store it on hard to open. we're looking at the pretty LCDs that my husband's employer makes, which gives us the benefit of not paying retail price, as well as new furniture.

so - do we get a 32" flat tv, or pay almost twice the amount for 42"?

we've been saying we're "not tv people", but i'm not 100% sure if this is a chicken and egg thing -are we not tv people because we have 6 channels, or do we only have 6 channels because we're not tv people? a good chunk of the reason we don't have more is because of our loathing of comcast - which we did give one chance to show up for an installation appointment, and comcast failed - and reluctance to put a dish on a nearly 100-yr-old house. we'd go with dish for the new place.

if we get the 32", will we regret it down the road? and how would we get justify buying a bigger one later?

ugh. technology.

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Tony said...

Pish posh to TV, I say. It's all about watching movies at home -- that's where you'll want a big screen. But anyway, since you don't have cable, the thing you really want to be sure of is that you get an integrated HDTV tuner (AKA ATSC tuner). You don't want to be stuck with a TV that doesn't work without an external tuner in a couple of years.

If both sizes have the ATSC tuner, then I don't know. 32 is pretty big, and might be a enough; 42 might dominate the living room too much. On the other hand if you have a den, then 42 might make good sense. And then get surround sound and put the woofer under the sofa so you can feel the movie in your tuchis. Or something.