Saturday, May 19, 2007

buncha pics!

beatrice received an amazing quilt made by my former boss! she's also stylin' in an outfit sent by a former coworker.

one of her favorite toys. okay, i bought it because i liked it, and she eventually decided she likes it too.

helpful big brother! i still have to take a deep breath when he says he wants to help with her, or to cheer her up when she's fussy, but he's really very sweet with her and she absolultely adores him.

the big news: SOLID FOOD!! this is from her first trial of rice cereal. the next day, i mixed some up and took it with us when we went out to dinner. she scarfed it all down, and i had made more than i thought she'd ever eat - and she ate very neatly. i wound up running to the grocery store down the street from the restaurant to get more baby food! she then ate a little jar of pears. the entire jar.

ok, that's a total mom thing to get so excited about. but she really seemed to be a bottomless pit last night.

boo walking after school with one of his best friends. if i had caught them a moment earlier, i would have captured them holding hands.


BenRad said...

Yeah, sure...flaunt your damn solid food eating baby around.

Tony said...

They get so big so fast! She had a great smile.