Monday, January 21, 2008

Things I have had to explain to my 6-yr-old

- Many, many aspects of Star Wars, including lots of questions about "Dark Vader" and "Obi Wan Kedobi".

- How that woman got a beard on her chin (yea Portland).

- Why some medical treatments make you feel yucky even if they're doing good things for you.

- Why boys can't have babies.

- How long it takes things to turn to compost.

- Which things will never turn into dirt or compost.

- Who was Martin Luther King Jr.

- Why, if MLK was so important, he wasn't President.

- The difference between primaries and the presidential election.

- Why the gums around a loose tooth bleed just before the tooth comes out.

I've probably forgotten a bunch already. Whew.

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Tony said...

You know, the name "Darth Vader" was chosen to be reminiscent of "Dark Father" ("vader" being Dutch for "father")... so Nathan is just picking up on the clues that Lucas left for him.

My question is, was he scared of the Banthas? I sure was at his age. Though I seem to recall being the only one...