Friday, May 06, 2005

broadband over powerline v. lying over cable

i'm very lucky to live in a place that offers BPL - broadband over powerline. it works through a contractor with the utility service, and the modem can be connected to any electric plug in the house. it's a little slower than cable internet, but it is considerably cheaper. and, considering our cable internet has been out for 3 days and comcast has had two appointments missed - and then claims that i cancelled - well, my decision's been made for me, hasn't it?

we would try dsl, but thanks to the neighborhood-beautification idea of submerged phone lines, the phone service seems to go through an outage once or twice a year. i can handle no phone, but not no phone and no internet.

oh, and in other telecommunications news, i am lusting over the nokia 8801 which will have an expensive debut this fall. because of the camera? eh. bluetooth? whoopee. mp3 player? yadda yadda. ryuichi sakamoto ringtones? hell yes, sign me up. click for the video.

"what happened to, 'i'm fine with a cell phone that takes calls, voicemail, and sms?'?" - dad
"but da-a-ad...." - my inner 15-yr-old

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