Tuesday, May 03, 2005


i just realized that in the last post and the previous one, i've mentioned problems with people not paying me.

money makes me feel petty. more specifically, having to ask for what i'm owed makes me feel petty. i know it's stupid, especially since i'm not asking for anything that isn't actually owed. i hate being in the position of having to ask the other party - repeatedly, even - to fulfill their side of an agreement. i don't understand how the other person remains comfortable while they know they haven't done the right thing. is the balance in your bank account more important than the balance in your life? why choose to run at a continual integrity deficit? (wow, congrats to me, i have written the whiniest emo-economics statement in blogland.)

also: a pet peeve. the spacebag commercial. this is the product with which you put in a bed comforter, attach your vaccuum cleaner, and compress the comforter until it looks like a tortilla. "the perfect solution for overstuffed closets," claims the ad. um, what about just getting rid of your crap?

says the woman with too many shoes and counting, and a pile of clothes to go to the thrift that i just never get out the door.

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