Saturday, October 08, 2005

nose, job

tomorrow was supposed to be my last day of work for two weeks. i'm having a septoplasty on tuesday to straighten out my devious septum. (if you had a body part that made you sick this frequently, you'd call it devious too.) however, the two days of rain we've had has caused flooding in the library, and we may be closed tomorrow. as it is, we've rescheduled a workshop with an author that was to happen tomorrow.

my boss saw me yesterday after she'd been out on vacation for three weeks. "will you be looking differently when you come back?", she asked. ummm.... septoplasty, really. not rhinoplasty. it took me long enough to come to terms with my nose. (at first ct scan: tech - "did you have a trauma to your nose?" me - "um, no..." stifled back - i'm just jewish, you twerp.)

i have felt really ambivalent about my job lately, even wondering if i'd be returning after the surgery. that question got solved when the new librarian i was training resigned via email three days into the job, because she had been offered a full-time position elsewhere.... so i have the whole interview/score/hire/train fun to look forward to when i get back.

people have told me i'm going to look like my adoring husband has beaten me after this surgery.... great.

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