Sunday, October 16, 2005


so the septoplasty went okay, one guesses.

i expected to look like andrew wk when it was done. i feel like perhaps he's been bashing me on the nose, but i have nary a bruise and really just look like i have a cold. i went to a knitters meetup this evening, first real outing since tuesday, and nobody greeted me with 'what happened to you?'. i can't smell, which is kind of hard to grasp because my tastebuds are fine. i'm mainly tired, and my face hurts as if someone's been yanking on my schnozz, but not much to complain about compared to what i was warned about. i will say that vicodin is the only thing touching the pain, and now that i'm sleeping more than 4 hours at a time, waking up is really no fun - by the time i'm awake, all the vicodin has worn off.

i'll refrain from telling you about dried blood and gunky mucous.

i have the coming week off, and the hub wants to go somewhere for a small vacation, but i'm not sure i can handle it yet. or, he keeps mentioning daytrips to cities, and i keep googling nearby resort hotels with kids' activities and spas.

the lovely fuzzy feeling of vicodin is luring me to sleep.... today's the first day i've gone without a nap....

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