Monday, January 09, 2006


Thanks, Bob!

Your new proposed bill, HB187, would make it illegal for an unmarried woman to become artificially inseminated. If it ain't the natural way (missionary position with MALE spouse), it just ain't right, eh Bob?

So... I'm assuming if an unmarried woman gets pregnant and can't claim to have had sexual intercourse, she should of course be thrown in jail. (Didja run out or flunk out of Catholic seminary, Bob? I mean, anything but sexual intercourse would be an artificial method of insemination....)

Please stop basing your political activities on other peoples' genitalia. Here's a list of what you proposed last session: ** I count 10 out of 37 that are based in legislating reproduction and sexuality, and that's without looking at the text to see if there's anything in the bodies of the sponsored bills that have anything lurking within beyond the title. And get some therapy, you have fixations that are clearly disturbing for someone who has passed adolescence.

** sorry, the linking function seems to not be working. highlight, rightclick, etc.

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