Sunday, January 08, 2006

logistics, leaving, la la la.

amazingly, i wasn't in too much pain on jan 2. but i do know i made a number of 'i love you maaaaaan' emails and calls on the first. well, at least they were well-intentioned.

spare time is now spent planning the move to portland. this means doing a number of things to our current house that i really wish we had done before, so we could enjoy them for a while. also, drooling over real estate listings that we can't jump on yet, trying to figure out the packing/moving/bringing cars and cats, dreaming about job listings, etc. meanwhile, both my husband and i are having dreams at night about this - last night i dreamed that we were driving around manassas pointing out what sucked. it was a long, long list.

today at work i wanted to look for books on relocating and all of the copies at my branch are gone. this means that either other people are aware that this place is starting to suck eggs, or someone is hoarding away them from me. as i do not want to kickstart the rumor mill that is only in low drive right now, i had to put my requests on via computer so i didn't have to ask my colleagues to find these books and send them to me.

add to the list of things that suck - a housing law in manassas that attempts to define family and works just fine if you're the cleavers, but may not work so well if you're the de la cruzes, the huas or the mr and mr smith-kingstons. this is to combat overcrowding. isn't overcrowding better solved by limiting the number of people in house by number of square feet, rather than by bloodlines? the aclu has threatened a lawsuit, and the city has declared it is holding off on enforcing the law. outraged letters to the local paper pretty much scream 'move back to mexico', which shows that since those letter-writing residents have had their heights shortened by having their heads in anatomically improbable places, they may be the ones who could fit a few move folks into their square footage.

a dear friend called me last night to say he's been thinking about me since sharon had a stroke, and wondering if i was upset about it. um, not particularly. just kind of resigned to it, as there is nothing i can do about it or the fate of the kadima party either way. he recalls how upset i was when rabin was assasinated. in the years since, hope has been assasinated many times over.

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