Friday, March 31, 2006

because i know you care

we're in portland, househunting.

my last day of work was wednesday. it was a long week of goodbyes, and it hasn't really sunk in that i'm not working at the library anymore.

we're here for a week. it is such a relief to not have housework to do. we might catch up on sleep. once you start getting your house ready for market, the tiny items fling themselves onto the to-do list until it's unbearable. and you don't do things that you need to do, like... get your kid's hair cut, get your car inspected.

had a hottt dream last night involving husband and chocolate sauce. yeaaaaah.


Jenna palmer said...

Hey, just a random person searching on google and your blog came up as a result for some odd reason. Being a librarian, I was wondering if you could introduce me to some good and interesting books? the ones I have been referenced to just seem......welll.....blah..... Could you please give me some good recommendations?

My email is


I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

Jenna Ann

dewey eyed said...

Not unless you can tell me what you've read and enjoyed. Otherwise, it's shooting in the dark, isn't it?