Thursday, March 16, 2006

vintage rawk

i'm wearing a 'new order concert north american tour 1989' tshirt today. the design always struck me as kind of obnoxious - the word 'concert' is in dayglo orange, pink and green on a black background. rest of the wording is much smaller and in white.

walking my kid to the sitter's, i realized that i saw that concert when i was 17. i'm now 34. ("and it still fits you!" said the sitter.)

there were a bunch of great shows that summer - mostly in 3-band lineups. i remember seeing sugarcubes/PiL/new order, and another one that summer was mojo nixon/pogues/violent femmes. the following summer i saw depeche mode in the same big outdoor venue. (ps. john, if you're reading, who opened?)

i still like to get out to shows, but i like smaller venues. yep, 34-yr-old hipster.


Tony said...

I still have that same New Order t-shirt, which you bought me while at that concert because I could not go (because I was busy traipsing around Europe). I probably wear it more often than any of my other old concert T's -- it's held up better, probably because it a) is black and b) doesn't have a lot of ink on it. Anywho, I agree... it's always seemed to me to be an obnoxious shirt.

Meanwhile, last night I was talking to someone who had been looking for a copy of Malcolm McLaren's "Fans". I said I had it on vinyl, and it suprised me that it was so hard to find. And then I realized that when I bought this old album, I was in college. I thought if it as old music I had dredged up in a record store, but really it was only about 6-8 years old then. Now it's 22 years old.


dewey eyed said...

...and you called me! from a payphone! i remember.

good g-d, tones, half our lives ago.

pimplomat said...

Didn't Nitzer Ebb open up for DM around that time?

dewey eyed said...

hmmm, some digging around says that it was indeed NE. don't remember it at all.