Friday, June 02, 2006

who cares what they sound like

bands to love for their names:

i love you but i've chosen darkness
someone still loves you boris yeltsin

bands with dumb names that i like:

casiotone for the painfully alone
suburban kids with biblical names

but they're not tribute acts:

pretty girls make graves
stars of track and field

could not get them to change their name:

say hi to (boo)mom

btw, previous post.... back in unconnected mac hell. have asked for some help in the macaddict forum and from some mac expert friends. may be trying a new router this weekend. oh, and prenatal appt went fine, and boo was a little disappointed when he realized that his brother or sister wasn't coming just then. (i had to edit in the last sentence; where are my priorities?)


Tony said...

Best current album name:

Yes! Tinnitus

Tony said...

I totally forgot Final Fantasy's new album:

He Poos Clouds