Wednesday, May 31, 2006

ahhhhh (ps. firmware sounds dirrrty)

thanks to the jeeeenyus bar at apple, it has been declared that there ain't nuttin' wrong with my mac's airport. and it seems updating the firmware on the router has solved the connectivity issues. huzzah.

yesterday was a beautiful day out, so after getting the mac checked out, boo and i headed to the zoo. at this time of year, the zoo train runs across washington park to the rose garden. we got out, strolled around the garden for a while (it still kinda blows my mind how differently varieties of roses can smell) and then to a large playground before taking the train back to the zoo. i'm always impressed with how willing boo is to stay in a formal garden setting and just enjoy the plants.

today was not as nice out, although it didn't rain until about 5. we were picked up and brought to a playdate at new acquaintance dorota's house. nathan and felix have a funny dynamic - they pretty much get into a series of little contentions and then one of them gives up. only ugly scene was nathan when leaving - when he really hates to go (and this was definitely the case here), he pulls a full mad pout of 'i'm never going to see you again! i don't like you!' which unfortunately felix took at face value. i had to plead with nathan to get him to apologize to felix, who was by this point in tears. and then felix immediately laughs it off. go figure.

tomorrow is my first prenatal appointment. for some reason i have some sense of dread about this.

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