Monday, August 14, 2006

the new sesame street muppet blows.

Abby Cadabby is the new Sesame Street muppet.

She's been on for eight minutes and I want to strangle her, and whoever designed her. For starters: she has flat eyes, rendering her expressionless. She's also got a more annoying voice than Elmo, if that's possible.

I really love Sesame Street and the Muppet Workshop, but this is ridiculous. It's Disney-esque. I'm several yards away from my bedroom, where the TV is on, and all I can hear is *twinkle!* *twinkle!* sound effects.

Supposedly this is Sesame's way of providing a strong female role?

At least Nathan's Sesame-watching days will be coming to an end in a few weeks.

Also, I feel sorry for any kid named Abby, because you know this is what they'll be called from here on out.


your neighborhood librarian said...

There was a big article in the NY Times about her, how they're addressing the fact that all the superstar muppets have always been male. Elmo, Ernie, etc.
So I was so disappointed to see that they're positioning her as even "younger" (hence "dumber") than Elmo, who is supposed to be three. Plus - pink? And you're right about those eyes, yeech.
Do I think too much about Sesame St?
But it's SO much better than the other kid programming, it kind of stands up to analysis. Besides where else do you see Kofi Annan singing the alphabet song?

dewey eyed said...

i think what bothers me about this character is that sesame street has always included a little something for the parents. grouch eye for the nice guy? everything's coming up roses? don't know why U didn't call? genius. just enough so that the parents were in on the joke, but the kids were entertained too. but abby is just insufferable for anyone older than 2. even my kid walks away from sesame street when she's on, and no, i didn't prompt him to do so.

and thanks for linking my blog!