Monday, August 14, 2006

one of *those* parents

my friend marty, a schoolteacher in dallas, recently accused me of being one of *those* parents. and well, time to face facts: i probably am.

i applied to switch boo to a new magnet school today. this school is changing from a middle school to K-8, with focuses (focii?) on arts and science & technology. i spoke with the vice principal today, toured the space, asked about the curriculum and library, and asked about the plans for the program in following years. there are some very interesting interdisciplinary and interage programs, plus a partnership with Portland State University for science instruction.

frankly, there are two compelling reasons to make the switch: the school that he's enrolled in as his 'neighborhood school' is pretty far from home - more than twice the distance from this school. it's also (albeit improving) "strong" school with an emphasis on reading. that sounds nice, but the snarky side of me suspects that schools focus on reading when the parents of their students aren't doing it at home. not a problem for a librarian's kid, eh?

the veep also told me about afterschool enrichment programs, such as music, dance, art and additonal science sessions. this is a plus, as i had already been researching music and language classes for him. (he wants to learn spanish. no, hindi. no, spanish, no, hindi.)

soooo.... yep, marty, i'm one of *them*. i might even put the kid in a one-week afternoon soccer camp next week, making me a *soccer mom*. it's a program with british coaches, though, so do i technically qualify as a footie mum?

and in the not-quite-breaking-news department: second ultrasound today confirms it's a girl. wheeee! however, boodad and i finally figured out what the boy name would have been. and no, there will be no #3 to try it out.

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marty said...

wow - a directed response in which I am even referenced by name, profession, and location - not to mention the moniker "friend" - something I still very dearly appreciate.

who knew that a minor attempt at irony would elicit such a response - I am flattered. :-)

for the record - I am thrilled that you are a mom at all, it remains one of the great and wonderful surprises of my life that the reproductive urge emerged in you - especially after those nasty rumors about radicalism, zionism, feminism, and lesbianism in south carolina -- a lesser person might not have retained the desire to procreate - but you persevered ... you ... you ... cute little librarian.

I wish you much luck in finding a good school for boo - I would want nothing less than the best for my quasi-illegitimate son. As long as he enjoys what he is doing - I am thrilled.

much love