Wednesday, September 20, 2006

i am in big, big trouble

yesterday when picking the kid up from kindergarten, i was holding the 3-month-old brother of one of his classmates while the baby's mom was carrying something into the school.

"mom! you had the baby while i was in school!"

um, no honey, this is your friend's little brother. the baby is still in my belly. (oh, to have delivery go that fast....)

"i want her to come out right now."

um, no honey, you don't, because she'd be very sick if she did.

"mom, you cannot hold other babies until beatrice comes out."


a little less fussy today, in fact we had a delightful post-school visit to the science museum and then to the grocery store ("what if they don't have alphabet noodles? then we'll have to twist the noodles into letters by hand!"), then home to make alphabet soup and cheesy bread. boo decided it was not just dinner but a surprise party for daddy.

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