Tuesday, January 02, 2007

10 mins! wooooot!

contractions have been 10 mins apart for the last 1 hour and 40 minutes. gonna make sure it lasts 2 hours, then we're calling in to the hospital.... (we're supposed to call after an hour of this, but i've had too many false starts to trust it.)

other things to note:

-ran into my coworker hillary on the streetcar today. happy serendipity! and good to see her.

- i measured my belly, it's 47 inches if i'm sucking it in and 48 inches if i'm not.

- lost my mucous plug this morning. while it's exciting, it doesn't correlate to when true labor starts - could be hours, could be a week - so i tried not to get hopes too far up. i will say, though, that it's pretty gross - like the biggest booger you've ever seen, times ten, coming out of something that ain't yer nose. hope that visual memory fades.

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