Saturday, January 13, 2007

so she's here

sunday night, we had gone in with regular contractions. they kept us overnight to see how we'd progress, and at some point during the night we had to decide if we were going to keep the c-sec appointment for monday morning or not. it really looked like labor was finally going to progress, so we let the appointment go.... and at about the same time we would have been in the operating room, contractions petered out. we went home, but rescheduled for a c-sec tuesday morning.

about 3 am tuesday, i started being rocked by waves of hard contractions. but i was so tired of how these never went anywhere, and decided to do nothing and keep the c-sec appointment. we went in at 8 am for a 10 am operation. as the spinal was being placed i was still in contractions. at 10:43 am, Beatrice RuthJoy Jesudason was born.... weighing an amazing 10 lbs 4 oz. (the midwives have since opined that the no-progress labor i kept experiencing was likely due to her size, and that the c-sec was the better way to go.)

we're home now, after four days in the hospital recovery rooms. things there went relatively smoothly. boo is doing pretty well as a new big brother, and had made 'welcome home mommy and beatrice' signs for today.

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marty said...

so I've been in an absolutely horrible mood lately - wondering about the worthless nature of life and the futility of making a difference in the world - and i say to myself - who in the world can I talk to about this - all of the people I used to was philosophic (or antidepressic) with are either dead or married and living a world away - oh, woe is me.
then I pulled up your blog to see what was new and was hit square in the face by absolute proof that life is meaningful, rewarding, and completely fulfilling for those who simply choose to live it.

so - thank you Beatrice for reminding me of what I should never have forgotten in the first place. I am quite convinved that your entry into this world will have (or already has had) a similarly profound effect on others.

p.s. - I hope your parents are doing well and that your mom does not choose to use that nao-technological twist on a medieval torture device looking thing that she has posted at the top of the page.