Thursday, April 20, 2006

i said upside down you're turning me, i can't do math evidently

yesterday i had another moving company rep in to give an estimate. unlike the previous two, this guy did the math by hand, not with a laptop. since we are having a car transported to oregon, i asked if his company handled that and he said they subcontract that, and he happened to know the price because he had to inquire for another customer moving to oregon the previous day. so i'm watching him write down the figures, and he comes up with the total, and i'm trying to add the car transport fee to this. i'm reading the numbers upside down. for some reason, i can read upside down with no problem, and can write that way as well. but i couldn't add the number on the page to the number in my head. it was just too many processes, i guess.

boo had his annual checkup appointment today and he wrote his name upside down. he had been watching me write on packing boxes. i'm pretty amazed by this - he got his Ns inverted, but heck, a lot of grownups would have trouble with that too. makes me wonder how he's going to use his spatial reasoning skills in the future.

btw, w's favorite moving company sent a letter telling my husband how nice it was to meet him the other day. strike two, since they met me and only me. there was another company we got an estimate from, but details gleaned from have ixnayed that company.

in two weeks our stuff will be in a van, holy huey.

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