Saturday, April 29, 2006


i keep things. handwritten notes, cards from friends and relatives, ticket stubs, flight itineraries.

for some reason i'm going through a box of this sort of ephemera, just to see if i can glean the pile down a little. so far:

i'm keeping all the cards and letters from my granny, who really can't write anymore.
wedding invitations for friends
birth announcements
'goodbye and good luck' and group-signed birthday cards from workplaces
ticket stubs to see they might be giants, several times
ticket stub to cocteau twins, 1990
cards for my bat mitzvah (at age 26)
all 11 valentines from the year my husband made it into a treasure hunt
mother's day cards from the cat
mother's day cards from 'your most bonky boo' in husband's handwriting

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