Monday, May 22, 2006

aaaahh finally

qwest connected our dsl today. we had comcast and qwest in a race to see which service we'd qet quicker; comcast had an installation appointment on friday that, in their usual style, they blew off.

we bought rabbit ears for the tv and found that we get pbs, nbc and some other channels in just fine. i'm in no rush to get a dish, and comcast has had its final chance with us.

so a list of things awesome about portland so far:

friendly neighbors
organics to you (a box of local organic produce brought to your house, yippee)
being able to use angie's list to find services
the bar named 'porky's' on the next block is becoming a gay bar
bus stops right on the corner
there's a yarn pretty close to here, need to check it out

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