Sunday, May 07, 2006

so let's see how fast this gets around

file under: it figures

we got rid of a lot of stuff in preparation for the move. i even parted with some books, which i very rarely do. lots of runs to the thrift store with clothes, toys, little home decorations. we held a yard sale and got rid of the lava lamp and old walkmen. sold boo's bunkbed through an ad in the paper, since the ceiling in his new room won't take a tall bed. boodad's coworker took the pack n' play and a bunch of other kiddie stuff. i sent the baby swing out to benrad, who is expecting with his fiance in november. (yippee!)

meanwhile, i had been feeling lightheaded over the past couple of weeks, which i attributed to very high pollen counts but was thrilled that i wasn't getting sinus infections. hooray for septoplasty! and tired, but then i was packing and cleaning and organizing and packing and cleaning and organizing and packing.... etc. but thursday, my calves started to hurt. not my back, not my shoulders, just my calves. kinda odd. friday, they still kinda hurt. so i got suspicious. when i was pregnant with boo, i would wake up in the middle of the night with horrendous charlie horses. i remember them being so strong that i'd wake up yelling and poor boodad would try to massage them away. so.... friday i did the pee on a stick test. twice.


a little bit of a suprise, but i'm deleriously happy.

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Anonymous said...

This is wonderful news.

Sort of a different way of realizing that you're pregnant, though....