Tuesday, November 08, 2005

wine zoo

spotted on bottles of wine in the store this evening:

monkeys - at least three brands, llamas - two brands, moose, several brands with cats and/or dogs, giraffes, whales, penguins.

non-animals: taxicabs, mafia dons, bicycles, old chevys with surfboards.

it is apparently uncouth to drink wine that is not cute.

i also realized that i've been legally able to drink for 13 years now. at least the checkout person said i didn't look 34.

my reaction to this birthday has pretty much been "i'm too old for this (expletive deleted)." i'm marching towards 40, heck nearly halfway to 70. it's probably due to being in a work environment where many of my coworkers are slinking past 50 and 60, but i'm tired of feeling like the kid.

in any event, the bottle that i picked up is this:

which looked nice and sleek, although will not be able to be contained in a standard wine rack.

and it reminds me of a perfume bottle that i still have:

speaking of which, my sense of smell returned on thursday, much to my relief.

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