Saturday, November 12, 2005

i got fired last night.

"i don't like you. i want a new mommy."
"oh, did you have anyone in mind for your new mommy?"
"yeah, christiana's mommy."
"hmmm. what if i miss you?"
"you can visit."

four year olds really know what they want.

same evening, in grocery store:
"mommy, get this wine. it has a train on it. i like this wine."
"oh really?"
"yeah, it tastes good."

i wound up getting a gerwurztrameiner, and found that it didn't taste right either when i got it home. that's when i realized, hmm, things taste wrong plus the sore throat and the raspy voice.... saw the doctor this morning, hello laryngitis.

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dæn said...

What's up Sarah, just wanted to holler and let you know I dropped by your blog. Nice digs. Layter, ~DEEN