Tuesday, November 22, 2005


i am becoming obsessed with ham.

a few weeks ago at an art show, a neighboring artist had a ham and brie sandwich for lunch. it just sounded so good. since then, when i'm in a situation where a ham sandwich is an option, i'm so very tempted.

yesterday in swedish allen wrench wonderland, i grabbed lunch and there they were. ham and fontina sandwiches.

i didn't do it. i couldn't do it. even while alone, even without my suddenly "vegan" (amazingly, this does not prevent him from eating eggs, chicken or fish, but that's another story) husband.

what ran through my mind was the: what if i run into someone i know question, and the i'll bet this will make me sick to my stomach qualms. even though the only kosher-keepers i know are rabbis, and the rare slice of bacon i've sneaked in has not disturbed me one bit.

it's the line in the sand, or at least the line in the deli counter. i just can't bring myself to cross it.

i had the salmon. what a nice girl.

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Brando_T. said...

some of the lyrics might be objectionable, but I sorta view them as the reality of 1928. However, no one can deny the key message of the song.