Sunday, November 27, 2005

here, rootkitty kitty kitty.... MEOW HISS SCRATCH

so it turns out that the elkland cd i've been listening to since june has the sony rootkit. i've been playing it on linux and mac, so supposedly no harm done, but OMG LOL 3733T 4AXORZ have taken over my car stereo!

seriously, sony, you don't expect to keep me as a customer, do you? i did everything right. i bought the cd at a show because i was that impressed with the band. i told my friends about elkland. i didn't burn copies and pass 'em out like candy. i didn't throw up the album on a P2P. thanks for not giving a shit about that. thanks for trying to punish me in advance. (it's the new american way, i guess.)

i read some comments by similarly-rootkitted trey anaphishface's manager that they were so very upset and surprised, and since his solo album came out right when the rootkit story became public, sales were small due to (rationally) wary consumers. okay. i just want to know.... somewhere in the small print, did these artists get a little more money for allowing this software on the disc? was any of it explained to them? were they offered a few more cents per cd sold in exchange for poorly defined "copyright protection"? i have a hard time swallowing that absolutely none of this happened without any artist's knowledge or consent.

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