Friday, February 03, 2006

dear patron

i don't want to see the word 'love' in pink crystals on the top of your thong underwear, peering up over the back of your lowrise jeans. i'm a librarian. my eyes go to words wherever they are. i don't need to see this. ever.


John said...

Along the same lines, I would like to forever ban the sale of sweatpants and shorts with words printed on the behind. I find it especially appalling when I'm in the grocery store in my ghetto neighborhood and am accosted by the sight of "Princess" or "Porn Star" printed across some bootylicious mama's derriere. Don't these women realise that nothing calls out just how big their ginorm-ass is like words on their butts?

dewey eyed said...

actually, i think they should just custom print the wearer's phone number. which would work for the crystal thongs, too. if you're gonna advertise, do it right.