Wednesday, February 01, 2006


i just got a new librarian hired. this is a process that takes months, between the several weeks it takes county HR to put the vacancy announcement up, resumes to get from them to us, interviews scheduled and completed, paperwork done, hiring approved, training scheduled.

i hired someone in september to replace a librarian who left in june. she left within a week to take a full-time job elsewhere. it took until jan 16 to get that replacement's replacement. WHO JUST GAVE NOTICE, last day of work feb 8.

which means, since i'm leaving too, i will be spending my remaining time trying to get another hiring process underway when what i would rather do is smooth out as much programming and other things in advance for MY replacement.

at least the system director said it was a bummer that i was leaving. and when i asked him who he knew in my about-to-be location, he said, "oh, the director."

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