Tuesday, July 18, 2006

algie's simply good, simply awfully good, at al-l-l-lgebra, at al-l-l-lgebra

sometimes songs get stuck in my head.

today's mix has been malcolm mclaren & the bootzilla orchestra's 'something's jumping in your shirt', seguing into 'algernon's simply awfully good at algebra'. both from the 1989 album 'waltz darling', which mixed house and, yes, full orchestra waltz.

and since i was in the basement, the b52s' 'legal tender' was running through my head as well. stocked it full of jelly jars, and heavy! equipment! we're in the basement.... learnin' to print....

so in playing 'guess what's stuck in my head' with a friend, i gave him the clue "cult adult pop". fits, eh?

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