Sunday, July 30, 2006

buzzz buzzz

okay, the baby-prep bug hit. i wandered into a section of town yesterday to pick up futon covers, and came across a children's furniture store. saw a crib i really like, although i can't quite decide on a finish - i like white, but this will turn into a full size bed later, and maybe the kid won't want white when she's a tween/teen? but, they had a crib bumper set with bumble bees on it, so i had to get it. and a little beehive toy set....

i'm trying to resist the urge to cover the nursery in pink girly froof. which is weird, i mean, i don't like pink girly froof for me, and i would be surprised if my kid would like it either. and let's face it, babies probably don't worry too much about home decor.

i did a lot of gardening today, getting 10 plants into the ground and removing weeds, a dead clematis, and several deadly nightshade (!!!) plants from around the yard. i plucked some deadly nightshade from my neighbor's front yard, too, as i don't want their young kids getting sick from them. it turns out that while the sellers did a nice-looking landscaping in our yard, they did nothing to improve the soil, so i had to prep the soil for every plant with compost and fertilizer. what's really bad is that i'm already plotting (har har, pun not intended) what plants to get next.... the landscaping that was done included very little color, and i'm pretty much a color addict. i'm having to tone down my temptation to throw lavender all over the garden because i really need some reds, yellows and oranges around the place as well.

let's see... my parents visited last week. we saw a good number of things, although we were slowed by another 100 degree heat spike. on the third day of the heat i couldn't stay out of bed. i'd get out for about five minutes, and then i'd be back down. my mother also had more mobility trouble than she's had in a while, so while we got her to the rose garden, she didn't want to walk around it. after they left i thought of a million things that i wish we had seen, but that's the way, isn't it. plus, they'll be back, and we'll be here.

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marty said...

sorry I haven't been back in touch - been in and out due to new job, new move, etc. Went to the beach for almost ten days with s.o. (aka annette) and it was fantastic. school stuff starts tomorrow (actually I've already been to a few meetings - ugh) so the alarm clock will be the recipient of much violence.

as for this post of yours - the pink froof hits all women (and some of us men) eventually in some form or fashion. I like the bees, though. It makes a nice combo with your pig fetish and my frog fascination.

will call you soon - I promise. In the meantime, stay out of the damn heat!