Monday, July 24, 2006

big. big and tired.

i think i'm almost halfway through the pregnancy? it's funny how with the first, you know exactly how many weeks and days you are, and for the second you're thinking, hmmmm, 17 or 18 weeks, maybe, whatever let's call it 4 months.

in any event, i'm feeling big, and the recent heat spike isn't doing much for my energy level. i'm having a hard time doing more than lying in bed. i need to pick up some maternity tshirts, which is annoying in a way because i know i'm not going to use 'em again after the next 5 months. hooray for cheapo foreign-made clothes, i guess.

haven't been into getting the nursery stuff yet. probably because we need to put the basement in order so i can move my office stuff down there, clearing out the back upstairs bedroom for the baby. actually the only thing i've seen while out that i wanted to snap up immediately for the nursery were paintings that were only display at a yarn shop. but they're very pink, and although i'm about 90% sure i'm having a girl i kinda think i should wait until ultrasound #2 happens before plunking down a couple of hundred on paintings.

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