Monday, July 10, 2006

another dream, another post

last night's dream was that after driving my husband to work (yep, we still don't have the saab, maybe tonight??), i somehow goofed off and didn't come home until 8:30 pm. this freaked out my husband, of course, but also my kid and my cousin who is visiting from connecticut and who has an interview and tour at reed college this afternoon. oops.

surfaced a little, went back to sleep, and then dreamed that husband and i went for lunch in a pub. he wanted a beer (it was brewed by!) but couldn't get the bartender's attention. i went up to the bartender, asked for the beer, and he told me they were out of it but would be getting more in a few hours if we wanted to wait. i said no, and could i try the copper ale instead. the bartender thought the best way to deliver a sample was to dribble it from the tap onto his finger and have me suck his finger.... eeugh.

insomnia might be better.

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